One world for cinema content. OnCinema.

OnCinema is a new international delivery platform for exhibitors and distributors that combines innovative technology with MPS’s trusted content delivery services. OnCinema cuts through the digital confusion to simplify electronic distributions to cinemas.

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For content

OnCinema’s content catalogue stores thousands of titles for screening including new releases, live events and back catalogue content from major distributors and independents alike — all ready for electronic delivery.


For delivery

Electronic delivery is simple and certain with OnCinema. The platform's infrastructure ensures you get the right content at the right time — and OnCinema’s automated functions take away the uncertainty.

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For KDMs

MPS's KDM technology reaches digitally equipped screens on every continent. With connections to distributors internationally, the OnCinema's new KDM platform has the capacity to generate over 1.5billion automated KDMs a year.

Digital distribution

Built to meet today’s electronic delivery needs

Built with the latest technology, OnCinema’s automated functions and reporting tools allow exhibitors and distributors to know where and when content will arrive at cinema sites, giving clarity across all theatrical bookings. Using both IP and Satellite networks, with APIs to major distributors’ theatrical booking systems, OnCinema ensures the right content is received at the right time.

New releases

For the latest features

With support from major distributors, OnCinema’s catalogue of theatrical content features the latest releases all available for electronic delivery, with full integration into industry-recognised booking and programming tools.

Live Events

For alternative content

MPS is acknowledged as the leading live-event cinema specialist in the industry, managing hundreds of performances every year — the OnCinema platform brings this exciting alternative content direct to your screens across our robust IP and Satellite delivery network.

Back Catalogue

For the perfect programme

OnCinema’s content catalogue features thousands of repertory titles meaning exhibitors can create a truly varied programme for their screens. Looking for the ideal movie for Valentine’s day, the kids’ club or a vintage classic? OnCinema offers the right movies and accurately shows you who distributes it in your territory.

Automated KDMs

OnCinema kills the KDM confusion

OnCinema’s KDM delivery system is a genuine first for the industry — the most responsive KDM generation, delivery and reporting system on the market. Why have a KDM management layer when you could have a fully automated system? MPS is already fully integrated on the distributor side — we now have the technology for the exhibitor too. Why chase a KDM when OnCinema will auto-generate keys for you?

Integrating MPS’s OnCinema client into our TMS will allow our customers the option to access the very latest dynamic content delivery mechanisms, bringing greater efficiency to their operations.

David McIntosh

Vice President, Sony Digital Cinema 4K

As the cinema industry is now fully digital, the demand for the next phase of innovation is clear. Throughout its development, the premise of OnCinema has always been to add value to both exhibition and distribution businesses — whatever their scale. We are delighted to take this first step towards that goal.

Howard Keidaisch


Built for the future

OnCinema is an expanding platform, designed specifically for the digital cinema world. As a technology-driven content handling facility, MPS has built OnCinema with future capabilities and workflows in mind — so whether it’s SMPTE DCPs, 4K or higher frame rates, you can be sure that OnCinema will handle the latest industry innovations.

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